Welcome to Four Blades of Grass.....A grass roots movement to end hunger on the Gulf Coast

We are a few friends and culinary professionals attempting to end hunger in our back yards, Escambia County Florida and Baldwin County Alabama, for a start! We would love to inspire others to join us in our fight to help us end hunger amongst our children and the elderly who are suffering here locally along our amazing Emerald Coast. The effects of the BP oil spill, hurricane recovery, recession, joblessness have our citizens scratching to make a living and food is the most compromised when your trying to keep a roof over your head! We are trying to make a difference by assisting  Blessings for Backpacks programs in our area schools, supplying healthy snacks such as fruits for their volunteers to send the kids home with. We are also assisting The Manna Food Pantry and the Waterfront Mission in acquiring food to distribute to the elderly and the massive homeless population> Our goal for the future is raise money to pay our local CSA farmers to the grow the food to feed those in need, distribute the food and educate people on simple culinary techniques so that they can best utilize the bountiful harvests the area can provide , hopefully building stronger ties to the land , the people who work it, each other and our communities!!!

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